How to not get Bored while Studying/Working

Firstly instead of finding the answer not to get bored, we will focus on some peak points of Why do we get Bored?

We sometimes think that this subject/work is tedious. But the actual reason is that you are the one finding it boring. That particular subject/work is interesting as usual.

So figuring out some common points at which you feel boredom:-

  • When we are not attaining interest in it.
  • Because of the repetition of the same work/subject.
  • When you are not able to concentrate.
  • That work/subject is not of much priority.
  • Most commonly, we are not able to understand it.

Some steps to Avoid Boredom:-

  • If the surrounding is comfortable to you, there will be fewer chances for you to get bored.
    • But not so much comfortable, that you start feeling sleepy.
  • We often get bored when we have no further plans to do. So always set your goal either for day or for a week.
  • Don’t study/work on the same topic for days. For refreshment, change the subject/topic.
  • Taking small breaks in between, for almost 15 minutes. This will keep your enthusiasm up.
  • Sometimes spreading out your books/work, around yourself will make us realise and analyse how much do we have to complete/to explore by studying or working on it.
  • Make your notes/books/working place colourful so that whenever you look or go through them, you will feel good.
  • Search for different ways or techniques to keep you entertained for your work/study like:-
    1. Conduct a Quiz with yourself.
    2. Take your test.
    3. Watch some videos related to it.
    4. Browse the internet on different sites.
    5. Relate things with your own life, with you, things/people surrounding you.
  • Every time you achieve small attainment, reward yourself.
  • Some times people prefer to work/study in a group. So this will bring interest when you discuss things with each other.


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