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How to Contact Amazon for Fire Tv Stick

Amazon fire tv stick

Amazon is an e-commerce online shopping platform. The main focus is its customers because of them only the company is emerging day by day big. Not only to sell or buy products, but the company also focuses on comforting its customers by providing Customer service for the customer to report any problem or inconvenience caused in between the purchase or delivery.

The company had a single platform to communicate with their customers, but there are eight more modes by which any customer 24*7 contact the company’s Customer service number. Not limited to the metropolitan cities, but the reach is up to small villages.

Every customer at Amazon is essential to them and because of which it’s ranked in between the five top companies like Facebook, google, Apple, and Microsoft. Amazon has started its journey by selling books to its customers; slowly and gradually, they had widespread their network in every field like apparel, furniture, video games or jewelry, and many more.

Ways by which you can contact Amazon are:-

  • Customer service number
  • Toll-free number
  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Amazon community

Amazon Customer Service Number:

Amazon provides customer service number, through which you can contact the company directly and explain your queries like if:

  • product is not working
  • product faces some technical issues
  • some crack or product is damaged
  • some product parts are missing and many more

So these above points may occur because of delivery or problem from the delivery point. Amazon does not have any particular service center anywhere in any country, so the customer service they provide is of the best care.

Amazon Fire tv stick Customer Service Number – 1800 300 400

Contacting the above number will directly connect you to the Amazon service center here when you dial them. A message will be sent on their number, and they will call you after that on their own, so wait for some time. Before they connect, they will ask for the language in which you want to communicate. In contacting them first, they will provide various language options; after selecting one, you get connected to Amazon customer service.

They will ask for following details:-

  • Registered number by which you had an Amazon account or placed an order
  • Product Id
  • Product name
  • Date of charge (for confirmation only – if you remembered)
  • Proof of the delivery address

After giving the following details, elaborate on your problem on call, and whatever you want from them, they will provide you with a solution. There are some options in common they will provide like

  • Exchange the product – in which you will get a new product, and the old product will be taken by the delivery which will give delivery of the original product.
  • Get a refund – if the product is of no use after delivery, which will happen if the product is damaged fully, you can claim for refund also has some more rules that are to be fulfilled.
  • The exchange offers – this option is scarce and is in very few products, only selected items.

Toll-free Number:

Calling on the toll-free number will connect the customer to Amazon customer service, where you can ask for anything with the employee over the phone. They will provide information about everything like –

  • Particular product detail
  • Some of your doubts related to the product
  • Delivery details
  • If you want to add some more products
  • Query regarding the product and many more

Amazon is 24*7 available at your service with all the possible solutions in your language in which you are comfortable.

Toll-Free Number – 1800 600 786

When you connect amazon through a toll-free number, select the language in which you want to talk to them and explain your needs, and they will know your problem. They will connect to the respective person who can fully solve your problem and provide you with a suitable solution.

E-mail Amazon:

Another mode to contact amazon is to email them, some times, which is very rare. That the Amazon customer service is unable to contact the customer, in that case, you can email at their email- id.

Email-id :- [email protected]

Most people file some billing issues, which are very rare to happen, but you can also email them any of your queries. When there are many network issues, so you are unable to contact customer service, at that point, you can email them, and whenever they receive a message of yours, they will reply to you with whatever solution they have. But one thing significant is that always specify your product detail like product-id so they can check each possibility of finding a solution.

Chat with Amazon:

If you are unable to call them because you are at some quiet place or don’t want to discuss your product detail publicly or are sitting in front of someone or a library, you can use this option to contact Amazon’s customer service.

You can chat with customer service and elaborate on your problem to them. specify every detail of your product; an employee will always be there 24*7 to solve your issues, even on chat. It is also a convenient mode of communication with customer service. You can message them in any language. You will find the chat option:-

  • As you login into the amazon application
  • Click on the three-line menu button present at the left of your mobile app and the desktop site also.
  • At the bottom, you will get the Contact us option; click on it.
  • There are options displaying. Click on the ‘Chat with us’ option.
  • After this answer, the questions being asked about your product and elaborate on your problem to them.

Social Media:

You can connect with customer service of amazon through social media platform also like:-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
Instagram and facebook for amazon customer service

Here you can search for Amazon in any social media platform and by visiting their page, message them. Like on:-

  • Facebook, if you want to contact them, there will be an option on the top-right. Clicking on which you will be directed to amazon’s messenger account, and there you can post your problem, and they will send a message to you whatever is appropriate.
  • Instagram, by viewing their account By name Amazon. There will be an option to provide Email and Message. You can directly message them on Instagram, or you can send them the email from there only.
  • Twitter, you can search for them and send a message on a private chat box; they will soon message you.

Amazon community:

This option you will visit on laptop or desktop, when you will visit their site.

  • Login via your Amazon-id.
  • Click on the Return and Order option on the top.
  • There will be some options displaying; click on Digital Services and Device.
  • There will be an option of Additional resources, under which there are two options:
    • Ask the Amazon Community – this will help you talk to other customers who had used the same product you bought, sometimes it’s convenient to speak to the same user who had purchased and used the product and can guide you in simple ways.
    • Talk to an associate – here, and you will be connected to the customer service and elaborate on your problem.
  • These two options are very fabulous, provided by Amazon.

So enjoy all these features to contact amazon customer service according to your convenience. To know how to work with Amazon Kindle, click here


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