How to understand Color Psychology

Color psychology is very much connected to ourselves. They have the power to make us feel sad, happy, excited, or angry, etc. They can increase or decrease our productivity. So let us understand some interesting facts about color psychology.

General Color psychology for Couples:-

  • Culturally, pink colors are associated with girls, blue color with boys, and red with romance.
  • In our evolutionary past, blue color mainly represents the ocean and sky. We receive positive feelings.
    • Because the blue sky indicates that – there will be no storm coming, it is safe outside, and crops will increase.
    • Due to these, all facts blue reminds all of us about – Stability, calmness, wisdom, loyalty, and reliability.
boys color is blue whereas girls color is pink. prefer red for romance.
  • While going on a date, Boys should prefer- blue color even in formal situations also they can wear. Howsoever, girls should choose a red color.
  • While for office, prefer – green, blue, brown, and black. Because
    • Green symbolizes – harmony
    • Blue symbolizes – stability and reliability
    • Brown symbolizes – credibility
    • Black symbolizes – a tone of mystery and seriousness

General psychology for Office

  • Green color – in traffic lights, also by seeing green color, we feel relieved. Wearing green in the office will let others and us feel relaxed.
    • Howsoever, green wallpaper on a laptop can increase our productivity and can relieve strain from our eyes.
  • Black color – if you want yourself to look a profound impression in the office, then wear black.
    • It is also observed that the teams who get more aggressive penalties in the game are those wearing the black jersey.
    • Black represents manipulation, and often it happens that the person is trying to hide his personality.
  • Howsoever, yellow, grey, and red are the worst options to wear in the office.
  • Yellow color– yellow is much more related to happiness, but when used more, it irritates.
    • But in the working environment, it can depict the personality of the person as a week and lacking courage.
    • You might have observed that many food shops have yellow color on their walls. This is due to reason so that customers do not sit for long.
  • Grey color – it is a passive color, which symbolizes a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Due to which our productivity can also loose.
  • Red color – it symbolizes the feeling of aggression and passion, due to which it suits more on a date rather than in the working environment.
magics and dreams are in purple colors, for feeling energy wear orange, to look serious wear black, to relax set green wallpaper on desktop.
  • Orange color – it increases our strength, energy, and interest. And wearing orange color during exercise or gym will make us feel more energetic and powerful.
  • Purple color – it is good to wear some colors in moderation only, and that such color is purple. Purple color is rarely found in nature.
    • That’s why it symbolizes luxury and artificialness. Wearing this color for long depicts freakiness in oneself.
    • Just because our ancestors had been around purple color so rare and imagined more, that’s why it is more in our dreams and magic.
  • White color – it symbolizes purity and perfection, but using it more will lose its power and represents the lack of confidence and impotency
  • Pink color -reflects kindness and innocence.

Car color describing the psychology

  • Black color cars – it is more observed that black color cars are more involved in accidents than other cars.
  • Dark blue color cars – it is said that these cars are more loyal, practical, and calm. They drive with much care as compared to the black color car.
  • Red color car – people who own red color cars are more energetic and showy. They want your attention.
  • Purple color car – people who own purple color cars are unique, and they dont care much about others what they think.
different colors of cars.
  • White color car – people with white color car represents innocence and purity. They are status-seeking extroverts.
  • Green color car – the owner of the green color car is calm and care about nature more.
  • Yellow color car – these people bear an optimistic personality.
  • Silver color car – if a person has a silver color car, they are relaxed and calm. These people are less likely to get in an accident.

Color psychology for Brands:-

  • Red color – it is a masculine color. So wherever you want to show your brand as masculine. Use red color. Example – Canon, ORACLE, NETFLIX, etc.
  • Blue color – it is used when the brand is for intellectual things representation. Example – Samsung, HP, Facebook, Twitter, ford, Paypal, etc.
  • Yellow color – whenever a brand wants to trigger emotions, optimism, or creativity, they use yellow color. Example – McDonald’s, IMDb, Kodiak, Snapchat.
  • Green color – it is the most soothing color, which represents about centricity, nature. Example – animal planet, Starbucks coffee, Jiva Ayurveda.
  • Purple color – if you want to show your brand luxurious or spiritual, use purple in your brand. Example – Cadbury, YAHOO, HALLMARK, FedEx, etc.
colors for brands depict different things.
  • Orange color – it is a mixture of red and yellow. The combination adds on to the mix of physical and emotions. It also symbolizes fun. Example – JBL, Fanta, etc.
  • Pink color – it is a feminine color. So whenever you want to show that this brand is not for strength, we use pink color. Example – cosmopolitan, Baskin robbins, barbie.
  • Grey color – it is neutral color psychologically. By this, you focus on the primary working or about that thing, rather than the background.
  • Black color – it is used for most luxurious brands, for security. Example – Gucci, Adidas, HBO, Sony, etc.

Colors also represent negativity. So to compensate that we use combinations of color to show our brand. With which the negativity of one color is overlapped by the other.

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