How to understand Mind and Body psychology

Body psychology and mind psychology, if understood then it becomes easy for us to be healthy.

  • The language of our mind is repetition.
  • To achieve any goal, we have to be focused, and for that, a proper routine is essential. For a healthy body and mind, exercise daily is a must.

Body psychology for daily routine:-

  • Lack of sunlight – this happens a lot nowadays. People are not enjoying the natural sunlight and weather. They are under artificial light for so long that their mind does not work correctly.
    • These people are out of the rhythm of seasonal activities.
    • So try to be out of your house in natural light and around nature for at least one hour.
  • Late-night sleeping – the fact remains constant for years and years that sleeping at night and working in the day time is the routine that we have to follow, and it is the exact schedule for our body to attain.
    • According to the researches, from 10 PM to 2 AM, our body is at physical repair, and from 2 AM to 6 AM, our body recovers the nervous system and our brain.
    • Not sleeping at night will slow down our mental processes. The actual time to sleep is from 10 PM to 6 AM. And for a healthy body, one should take a complete sleep of 7-8 hours.
    • Sleeping will bring clarity to your mind.
exercising in morning, eating healthy food, listening loud music, working late at night.
  • Loud music – is an excellent activity to create or listen to music. But listening to loud music or being around the noisy sound-emitting constructing machine.
    • According to some studies, it is proven that being around loud music will affect your DNA, so try to neglect to be around these places.
  • Too much stress – nowadays, people, including all categories like children, adults or old age people, are taking stress a lot. Stress in excess will increase your blood pressure and will also increase the toxicity in your body.
  • Low diet – this is the worst habit because most people eat food that is high in sugar content, packed or processed food.
    • The processing of nutrients in our body slows down because of which there is a lack of vitamins and nutrients, and will cause your brain to become unhealthy.
    • So it is highly advised that you should consume healthy food to keep your mind healthy.

Mind psychology for daily routine:-

  • Scientists advise that eating food at a gap of 6 hours or a maximum of 10 hours is suitable for meeting our brain with its full potential.
    • And while eating food at a small interval will not let your mind fully utilize its capability, .
    • there are two conditions in which a person consumes food-
      • it takes food at short intervals and takes a small amount of chinks.
      • it eats a large amount of food at one time.
    • At the same time, bad habits will destroy your life and the quality of your life.
  • Smoking and drinking – these two habits harm our system and our mind too. It is observed that out of the two practices, most of the people at least have one or the other routine.
    • Smoking is nowadays less popular as compared to before. Smoking causes slowing down the neural connections in our mind, and alcohol is mostly related to our memory problem.
    • But the good news is that we can reverse the damage caused by smoking and drinking by following a routine lifestyle.
multi-tasking, drinking water, smoking and drinking.
  • Lack of exercise – our body and mind need constant activity to keep our mind healthy and working. If not done so, the IQ of our mind will slowly and gradually start to slow down as same as the IQ of an older adult.
  • Too much or too little water – drinking water in excess quantity will cause swelling in our mind, and drinking less water will decrease our ability to solve the problems. So try to drink water in a small amount for the whole day.
  • Underutilization of the brain – our brain is also a type of muscle.
    • If we use it efficiently, it will grow stronger day by day.
    • But if we do not use it efficiently, it will become weak.
    • If we rely on the decisions of others, then the capacity of our brain to solve critical problem-solving abilities will be lost from our mind.
    • so try to solve your problem by yourself only.
  • Multitasking – It is a bad habit because our mind is not yet evolved for this work. And for a healthy brain or productivity, it is good to focus on one task at a time.

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