How to understand Love Psychology

Love psychology, if understood better, eases your bond with your partner. So let us explore some facts about love psychology.

What do studies say about Love psychology?

  • Being in a relationship sometimes proves to be a beneficial thing because it makes us physically and emotionally healthy.
  • In a survey of 35000 people conducted at the university. When the couple arranges to sit in front of each other. After 3 minutes of continuously seeing each other synchronizes their heartbeat with each other. This depicts that we are connected at an emotional level also.
    • So if you want to see this magic happening between you and your partner. Get a heartbeat monitor and see the magic by yourself.
if lovers are sitting in front of each other after 3 minutes there heartbeat synchronizes.
  • According to a study done at Times Mumbai for 75 years. A person’s health, happiness, and fulfillment depend only on love or relationship throughout the lifetime.
  • According to studies, two similar people or different people can never form longlasting relationships. The people who fall in between the category have longlasting relationships.
  • According to love psychology, it just takes 4 minutes for someone to fall in love. And if you walk out to meet a girl for the first time. And do not know what to say in the first meeting.
    • So the concept of the first impression is the last impression stays true. Because your image depends on how you convey yourself to your partner, how you dress up, how you greet. These all factors let the other subconsciously note everything and decide about you.

Love psychology according to boys and girls:-

  • We think that a boy and a girl can never be friends only. But according to love psychology. If both the person of the opposite sex are attracted to each other only in that condition, it is true.
    • That is, both the girl and boy can never be only friends. However, if they do not have a physical attraction. They will consider each other as their regular friends of the same sex.
  • It happens in girls that they have anuptaphobic. This gives rise to a feeling of never getting married, or they will never be happy in the future.
    • It happens due to the fact if they had seen a couple fighting in childhood. Or they are not able to find a compatible and reliable partner for themselves or because they feel rejected.
if both the people of opposite sex are interested in each other then only they are attracted to each other.
  • Males and females have different scenario of feeling connected to other people. Females are more comfortable sitting in front of each other howsoever males; if they side by side, they are more comfortable. It is because, from ancient times, males have to protect their families. So for that reason, they tend to sit side by side and be alert.
  • Often, males get confused that what does a girl wants in men. money and power, or their nature is sufficient. But according to studies, girls mostly prefer those males who had their social network more than the girl.
    • Because of this thing, they are subconsciously satisfied. As the future of their children is secure and they will live a happy life.

Here are some hacks:-

  • Whenever you have a headache, so cuddle your partner. Because, at that time, your brain releases the hormone called oxytocin, which is also a pain killer. And if not cuddle, then if you see pictures of your partner, even then, also your headache will be gone.
  • Whenever you keep your relationship secret, it adds more happiness and excitement to your relationship. This increases your connection to a very long period.
  • The ability to attract the opposite sex of males increases if he meets by wearing blue color clothes. Because blue color indicates stability, reliability, calmness, confidence, loyalty. And these are the key concepts a girl needs in her men.
  • Whenever we are hurt or sad, try to spend time with the close ones. That togetherness will release some hormones in our body. Though that pain or sadness will fade away.
  • A psychological love fact is that we can transfer love. If we show love to someone, then they built a tendency to show back their devotion to that person. That is the reason why big celebrities like Dalai Lama or Nelson Mandela focus more on spreading love to every person.
if you are suffering from headache then cuddle your partner, you will observe that the ache had been gone.
  • Those people who have their self-esteem or respect themselves more they have stable and longlasting relationships. It happens because if you love yourself first, then only you will be able to love another person. So love yourself and be happy.
  • Love is very much different from passion and attraction. Although physically showing love is a tremendous form of showing love to each other. But emotional attachment is something different and pure because of this one-night stand or after drinking hookups are not that much on the success rate.
  • Every person in this world has a phobia. The phobia for love is called philophobia, in which the person fears to love.
  • Whenever you fall in love, you lose two of your friends. When a person falls in love, ruins his/her friendship with their close ones. Because the time you earlier dedicate to your friends now gives to your partner.

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