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How to understand Mind Psychology

Mind Psychology facts about the brain are very interesting to explore. The brain is the most complicated thing because here, in every second, millions of new connections are made.

  • Our brain never stops growing. With increasing experience, our brain also grows.
  • When we think positively, our neurons expand, and creativity increases, but as much as we think of negative things, neurons will shrink.
  • All the things that we think our surroundings tend to change like that only. So think positive always.
  • We can concentrate only for 45 minutes at a time.
  • Our mind has two types of memory declarative memory and semantic memory –
    • Declarative memory activated from 8 A.M – 12 A.M, and after 9 P.M., All new things can be grasped by us.
    • Semantic memory is activated in the afternoon time and works very slow. Nothing new grasped at this time. Items are created by combining old memories.
  • Sometimes it happens that we hear our voice, and when we confirm, we find that there was no one calling. Listening to our voice signifies a Healthy mind.
  • Whenever you feel negative about yourself or something, pen down all the negativity into a paper and flush it off. You will feel relieved.
burn out all the negative thoughts to understand Mind Psychology.

Habits because of Mind Psychology

  • Whenever we love someone, we ignore their bad habits, and our focus is always on the right things.
  • Talking to yourself – Sometimes, this habit appears to be a foolish act. But this act improves your creativity.
  • People who are unable to sleep at night quickly are more creative and active because our brain takes time to slow down mental activity and let us sleep.
  • Our brain takes any rejection from a job, friendship, or a relationship as physical pain.
  • Our brain only trusts a person one time. We can forgive but can never trust the same way.
  • All the things that we see, hear, or do have a separate memory of remembrance in our mind.
    • Do practically is 90% memorized.
    • We watch is 50% memorized.
    • We hear is 10% memorized.
  • Binaural beats – Ability of our brain increases by listening to the binaural beats.
binaural beats to improve Mind Psychology.
  • Our mind is active for 24 hours, and the only difference is that –
    • When we awake, our subconscious mind is active.
    • When we are asleep, our unconscious mind is active.
  • The power of positive thought is up to such an extent that as much as we think positively, our ability to make the right decision increases.
  • Out of Sync – It is a state of mind in which our mind works extremely fast.
    • Sometimes you may have noticed that our handwriting is somewhat different and very messy; this happens because of the fact because at this time, our mind is working much fast then our hands due to the point, our hands are unable to match the speed of mind.
    • Some researches say that the people who have good handwriting are less smarter than the people having messy handwriting.


  • Dream – We dream daily; however, most of the time, we didn’t remember those dreams. Till the time we are living being, we dream daily.
    • After waking up, we only remember 10% of the dream. A dream is very realistic for our minds. That’s why sometimes when something bad happens, we wake up suddenly.
    • Our dreams are related to our daily routine and some past incidents or our thinking/desires.
dreams related to Mind Psychology
  • When we are bound to some rules or restrictions at that time, our mind provokes us to break more rules. Our mind only does those things with full assurance in which we feel freedom.
  • We feel more happiness and joy when we spend money on others because that will give strength to our relationship. And we feel good and happy when we think about that moment, that because of us someone was delighted.

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