How to be happy and make others feel happy too!!

be happy

Being happy is not such a difficult task; it also is not an easy task too. Happiness is an emotion that adds to us like increases blood, decreases stress, and releases hormones like dopamine. Being happy does not mean that you are laughing all the time or wearing a smile all the time. It means that you are satisfied.

If you are happy, you can make ten peoples around you happy. Your one smile can change someones day or can motivate them. To make someone happy, first of all, you have to become satisfied. There are also two types of happiness, internal happiness, and external happiness. Inner happiness can be seen sometimes and sometimes not. And again, occasionally, superficial happiness is fake. Sometimes we show a joy to make someone happy.

Positivity also brings happiness in our lives, with a sweet smile on our faces. Being continuously on social media can also ruin your mood, and your joy will be gone. If you had seen someone’s outing post, you would be depressed by comparing yourself.

Our happiness is affected by many factors:-

  • Doing exercise daily:- exercising daily at the same time will make your body in shape and internally, your mind will be happy.
  • Getting greetings from others:- when someone greets you, there will be positivity in their way of conveying, and your mind will be happy.
  • Taking full sleep:- a proper rest of almost 7-8 hours will keep your mind fresh, which will make your mind calm.
  • We are avoiding social media:- while on social media, we make many comparisons with others, which makes our mind sad, and hence many times, we are depressed also.
  • Completing work:- when we finish work, our mind receives a signal of completion, and we feel happy.
  • Getting praises from others:- when someone appreciates our work, we feel happy because that is the result of our hard work, and we are motivated to do more useful work next time.
  • Experiencing new things:- whenever we do a new task, we gain some knowledge because we feel happy.
  • When things are up to your expectations:- we feel good when things are according to us, but it doesn’t happen every time things are always according to ourselves. So try to be happy and adjust yourself to it, as it is still true that whatever happens to us against our will is good, but the result is shown afterward.
  • Other people’s happiness:- we feel delighted when someone is happy because of us. It gives our mind signals that you had done well to someone because of which others are happy. Sometimes we need other’s appreciation and happiness to feel satisfied.

How your mind plays a role in feeling happy:-

To make yourself happy is all the game of your mind being happy. If you made your mind happy, then you are so glad. We can make our mind happy by achieving small things, even dusting and making your surrounding clean will make your mind happy. That’s why it is said sometimes that whenever you are depressed, do some cleaning that will freshen up your mind instantly.

In every person’s, life happiness comes in different ways. Some people are happy when small things happen to them, and some are happy when big things happen. Every person has a different level of happiness. Expressing happiness is also different from other people. Some show their joy by donating some useful items to the needy ones, and some show joy by partying or going out with their family, friends.

How success affects your joy:-

Sometimes success can also be calculated by the fact that you are happy or not. If a person is happy, then he/she is successful indeed. We are all doing a lot of hard work to be satisfied. We also run for success and feel that if we get hit, we will be happy, and just for that moment’s happiness, we do all such things whatever is needed. Talking of only getting success is no good if we cannot get a win at the end. Think of the journey you have enjoyed and think of the new things you had come around on that journey. Sometimes reaching the finish line and getting success is not what matters; what matters is what all new you get to know in that journey.

Don’t ever think that everyone is happy all the time; what people highlight is their happiness and compare it with your sorrows. When you start comparing your joy with others, they will be more than others.

Happiness comes when you are satisfied. But being comfortable is not an easy task, at least not according to human behavior. Some people also said that as much as you are happy now, the same amount of problems and sorrow you will face, but this is not true every time. Yes, it happens with some people, but it is not right for everyone. So don’t stop enjoying your joys because of this stupid myth.

Some small tips to be instantly happy

  • Making parents happy is the purest form of happiness that a child can get from their parents. a parent never thinks terrible for their child and always wanted their children to be happy and try in every condition to provide all the comfort up to their status. Never feel that your parent doesn’t love you, or they love your sibling more than you. Yes, it is true that in both the parent, each parent has a favorite of their own, but it doesn’t mean that they will not care for the other. But when it comes to making children happy, they are the most popular source of giving happiness.
  • Spending time with your partner- when you are happy, your relationship also goes well with your partner. It is needed that you are happy, then only you can make your partner happy. Spending time with your partner will automatically freshen up your mood. If you hug your partner, 60% of your stress is relieved, and sleeping next to your partner will fresh up your mind the next morning.

Being happy also can be achieved if you have a healthy body, so read Mind and body psychology. Click here…


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