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How to be Motivated all the time and Achieve any Goal

Motivation is key to success, Which leads to Success.

What is Motivation? 

  • A voice that comes from inside soul is motivation.
  • It can only be heard by ourself and no one else. So you have to keep your ears open to listen to it.
  • Motivation is needed in every field, to achieve any goal, whether it is study or career.
Feeling motivated.

What nowadays we think Motivation comes from?

  • Nowadays people think motivation comes from
    • Watching youtube videos.
    • Listening to our elder’s achievements.
    • Reading some autobiography of some successful personalities.
    • Watching a movie.
motivational movies, reading books, motivational videos.

But all this will remain only for a few hours or a day, not more than that.

And after this you will be old you, searching for more videos/autobiography/movies etc. Which will distract you more than before.

From where does the actual Motivation come?

  • Motivation comes from your inside. When you think of something very strong, something very true/pure to achieve.
  • It is something that when you close your eyes and think of it will bring a smile on your face ?.
  • Sometimes motivation is like stubbornness.
  • Motivation will lead you to achieve impossible goals.
making impossible, possible.
  • If you are motivated, you will never feel bored off from achieving your goal.
  • Focus also needs motivation.
  • The only thing that should be revolving around you is your goal to achieve.
  • Every step that you take in your life will take you one step closer to your goal.
  • To be motivated think of the moment, when you will achieve your goal—the happiness, the positivity that will be on your face.
  • How proud your loved ones will be, think of them.
our elders are proud of us, when we achieve something.
  • Daily browse on the internet for your goal, which will daily motivate you and lead you to the path that will help you.
  • Daily remind yourself of your goals.
  • When you go to bed at night, think of your goals. Every moment that will be happening after you had achieved your goal.
  • Competition with our mates, sometimes also brings motivation in us.
competition with our soulmates.
  • Don’t discuss your goals with anyone because that will decrease your motivation.
  • Motivation also needs positive energy(vibes).
  • Positive vibes also depend on your daily routine sometimes.
  • Try to stay away from social media as much as possible. Because that sometimes becomes the biggest distraction and an obstacle.
  • Listen to music, because while listening to music, some hormones are secreted in your brain that helps you to become creative and think good.
  • Stay away from negative people.


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