How to Use Zoom Application

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  • Install the Zoom app from Play store in android and from App store in IOS.
  • Open the app there will be 3 options displaying on the screen at the bottom:-
    • Join a Meeting 
    • Sign-up (register)
    • Sigh-in (login)

Steps to Join a Meeting in Zoom:-

  • If you have not sign-up or sign-in, then by clicking on this option will directly take you to the meeting and you will not be able to host the meeting. You can only be a participant for any meeting.
  • Only you have to fill the Meeting Id to which you have to join.
  • This Meeting Id will be provided by the organiser/host of the meeting.
  • Fill your Name.
  • Before clicking on Join Meeting, there are Join options:- 
    • Don’t connect to audio
    • Turn off my video
  • These two options you can manage at the time of the on-going meeting also.
  • In Don’t connect to audio, if you turn on then you will only be able to see the video not able to speak.
  • Turn off my video, if you turn on then your video will not be displayed during the meeting.
  • After doing a little bit of setting you can click on the Join Meeting.
  • You will not be a part if meeting until the host doesn’t Admit to the meeting, so wait for the host to allow you.

Steps to Sign-up in Zoom:-

  • Click on the Sign-up option.
  • You will be directed to the page, where you have to fill you Date of Birth.
  • Then fill:- 
    • Email address 
    • First name
    • Last name
  • Click on Sign-up. An email will be sent to your mail for verification.
  • Open your email and set your password.
  • Return back to the Zoom.
  • Click on the back and re-enter your Email address and Password for zoom.
  • You will be successfully Signed-up to zoom.

Steps to Sign-in to Zoom:-

  • After opening the zoom app, click on the Sign-in option at the bottom.
  • Enter your Email address and Password for Zoom or you can sign-in using other options also available like Google, Facebook.
  • Enter the password for each of the application and you will be sign-in to the zoom app.
  • Most preferred is through Zoom password.
  • If in case you Forget  Password for zoom, click on forget the password.
  • A link will be sent to your Email that you have entered.
  • Set new password from the link given to your email.
  • And again at Zoom, Sign-in with an Email address and new Password for zoom.
  • After this you will be Successfully signed-in to zoom.


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