How to choose a movie to watch

Watching a movie is such entertainment; it refreshes our mood. After watching movies, our spirit also changes. There are different categories of film, which we call the genre.

Different countries have different interest of watcing movie, so according to which genre are divided among countries also. Hundreds of genre are present, some of them are listed here:-

Five most popular genre are:-

  • Action:- it includes movies with fights, stunts. Most boys like these movie genre movies have no offense to girls, but the fraction of boys watching action movies is high.
  • Comedy:- all generations love this genre to watch. When tired or sad, this genre movie helps their mind to relax and make them feel happy. The characters of this genre are super active, and their act shows their energy in the film.
  • Sci-Fi:- this genre involves movies that have scientific knowledge or research. It doesn’t mean that children cannot watch these movies. Among the ages of 10-18, it is loved. This genre of the film evokes curiosity among the viewers. And it is also a fact that whenever this genre movie is created, the movie producers take the knowledge and basic concepts from the scientists so that things shown to the viewers are not fake.
  • Romance:- these include love, passion, friendship among people. Girls mostly like these genre movies. These movies also give us information to make our life perfect with our partner or tell us about the problems faced in a relationship or a marriage and provide us with a solution. It also shows us many examples and small things that we can do for our partner to make them feel special.
  • Crime:- it gives information about all the nasty things that happen without our knowledge or consideration. The level of people’s cruelty and ruthless nature depicted, who do not feel any pain they give to others. This genre showcases the negativity of this society. It is also a vital genre to watch to gain knowledge and face the half-real side of humanity. Most of the movies lying in this genre represent true stories, and some are works of fiction. Few people like this genre.
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Some more genre liked by people are:-

  • Adventure:- here new places get reveal, which can never come across us in general. It is full of obscure facts and excitement to watch such films. It showcases a new piece of stuff, and you get amazed every time and in suspense that what’s next.
  • Animated:- children’s mostly like them but no offense to adults as some of them also like animated movies. These are popular amount children because these are imaginary, and children are unaware of the world. Hence, these stories move around one thing and shown fascinatingly and decoratively.
  • Drama: it depicts stories created by imagination, by considering some events from different people’s lives. Here, a particular scene gets elaborate with locations. Some like drama but not much.
  • Mystery:- here, a particular case gets resolve in the form of a puzzle. As the riddle gets solve by getting the clues, the story moves forward. The people who are always in search of things and enjoy solving puzzles love this genre of movies.
  • Fantasy: These include all movies that contain non-fictional characters that never exist, and there is no possibility of them ever. It is the high-order thinking of a person who wants to create creatures that talk, magic, fairies, and a different world.
  • Horror:- it includes movies which are scary scarce movies are there which are based on real events because most of the time, this horror is a hallucination or an illusion. Small children and heart patients should avoid these movie genre movies because they are mostly scared by immediately or randomly showing shadows or moving. Infrequent moves are there in this genre, which seems to be realistic. That’s why it is less popular among the audience.
  • Thriller:- it can be termed as excitement with fear. Everything shown here is in dark form. Everything has a negative perspective here.

Selecting a movie to watch underlies many facts:-

  • The audience’s interest:- whenever there is a plan to watch a movie, what main thing is to know the part of the audience with you. Select the majority.
  • The mood at that time:- it depends very much because if your mood to watch is of the romantic genre, but if you played an action movie, it would be a total flop plan. So very specifically, select the genre according to the moral-time favorite genre: sometimes, when we could not understand our mood, we prefer to watch the movie of a genre you generally watch. Usually, people prefer comedy or romantic genre to watch when they don’t understand what to watch.
  • All favorite actor/actress:- it is said that every person’s famous actor and watching their films refresh our mind. No matter how the film performed at the box office, we love that actor or actress; we love the movie. So if we are not able to select from many options, then go with your favorite personality.
  • Particular director choice:- some people choose movies according to directors, but this happens infrequent times. Most people go with the production house also, like harry potter, marvel series and many more. So this is also a way to choose a movie, but it does not always do well.
  • Rating at the particular website:- many people go with the rating at a popular website to watch a movie. There is some top-rated platform like IMDb whose rating affect the views of a movie. So you can also read the rating and the plot of the film, which will give you an idea of the movie to watch.
  • Checking reviews:- it also helps select a particular movie to watch or buy. by reading reviews, we can at least find out that this is our movie to watch. Yeah, this is true that sometimes there are fake reviews, but if you read from trusted sites from the daily newspaper, that will be good to reach a decision.

Benefits of watching movies

  • The very first advantage of watching movies is that it refreshes your mood. But it should be according to your mood. If you are feeling sad then watch comedy. If you are in memories of your partner then watch romantic and like this many more.
  • By watching a particular language movie, you can build your base for the language. For eg., if you want to improve your English then you can watch Hollywood movies or web series by downloading the subtitles. Same with other languages also, gradually you can learn at least a language to an understanding extent.
  • We view many scenes in the movie by which we can get the idea to visit there next time for your trip with family and friends.
  • Knowledge is gained from movies by watching Sci-Fi movies, it’s not like you can be a scientist but you can get an idea and then you can think about a new thing or you get to know many new things which in general you have never thought of.
  • Different cultures can also be overviewed from the movie.
  • Various dressing ideas or decor ideas can also be interpreted, which you can apply or add some more ideas of your own and make new out of it.
  • Get to know how to narrate a story to the audience so that they can have a continuous interest when you are narrating something.
  • You can get an idea of stuff that goes on around the world which cannot be experienced if you haven’t watched it before.
  • You get to know many untold stories that can never be in your mind if you haven’t watched a particular movie.
  • Some movies which are of the genre Scientific-Fiction can invoke some ideas which you can work also on.

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