How to do Planning for your future?

In the future, we have many purposes to accomplish. Out of which some are goals, expectations, benefits and reasons. So with all this to achieve, we have to set our goals with planning.

Steps involved:-

  • Try to make your plan clear and perfect.
    • Because if the plan is perfect then your vision to achieve the goal will also seem to be complete.
  • Planning should commence from thinking of long term goals.
    1. Long term goal is the absolute success you expect.
    2. This long term goal should not rewrite every day. It has to be one until you are done with one.
  • Once the long term goal is set, now plan for short term goals.
    1. Short term goals are the chunks set to achieve long term goals.
    2. Short term goals are to be planned very carefully and with extra planning.
    3. Because if you were not able to complete the short term goals then our ultimate goal get weakens.
  • Short term goals can be accomplished successfully by-
    1. Giving reward to yourself after completion of each short term goal.
    2. Take a pause when you achieve one short term goal.
    3. Create a progress report for your own and analyse it every time.
    4. This progress report will motivate you further and also gives you an idea of where You are lacking.
  • Everyone has potential in themselves to Achieve a goal.
    • Nothing is impossible if you had the determination to achieve It so overwhelmingly.
  • Use resources around you to achieve your goals.
    • Resources are always around us; the only thing is to uncover them.
  • Never mix your goals with negative thoughts.
    1. Because your one negative thought will ruin your view.
    2. In every Negativity, there is positivity hiding, which needs to be found out.
  • Never do procrastination.
    1. This complicated name is an evil obstacle in achieving the goal.
    2. It is a habit of delaying things.
    3. If you delay your short term goals, you will be one step away from achieving it.


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