How to manage yourself according to your Mind Psychology

There are some fantastic facts about Mind Psychology which will lead you to understand yourself better.

  • Sleep in the daytime – Try to sleep in the daytime for some hours because in the day by giving rest to our mind will strengthen our neurons, and after waking up, we are much more active.
  • Manage mood off – Whenever you are feeling low, or your mood is off. So this time is to clean your surroundings. Because by cleaning, according to our mind psychology our mind will feel the achievement, and you will be in a good mood again
  • Get sleep on time – if you are not getting sleep on time at night, try to inhale and exhale and concentrate on your breathing for 1 minute to help you in your sleep.
  • Search instantly – Whenever you are searching for something, start from your right to left. Because in general, we always search from left to right, and it had become our common habit.
    • So when we change this order to right-left, so according to the mind psychology that will be something new pattern to our mind, and there will be more chances of success in finding things.

Mind Psychology for official use :-

  • Convey efficiently – Whenever you are talking to someone, try not to use filler words like um, aaa. Stay quiet and think for a very few seconds and then convey.
  • Gesture for the meeting – Whenever you are about to shake your hands with someone, try to keep your hand warm because according to our mind psychology that depicts you are more desirable and this depicts your personality as attractive.
during meeting your hands should b warm.
  • Don’t be a multi-tasker – Nowadays, we want to be a multi-tasker. But, according to studies, it is proven that when you focus on single work at a time, according to your mind psychology it will increase your efficiency, concentration, and ability to finish the job. If you are doing a lot of work at a time, you will not concentrate on one.
  • Speak slow – If you want yourself to be taken seriously and prioritized, speak in a low pitch, and talk through your mouth instead of using your throat. This habit will let people hear you with concentration and don’t take you for granted.
  • Get results instantly – It is our mind psychology to finish work instantly and also know the result instantly. most probably our mind will divert us towards the work which is simple.

Mind Psychology applied in education field:-

  • Learn fast – Whenever you want to learn something or remember something for later, close your fist for that time.
always while learning close your fist to remember for long term.
  • Crack interview – Whenever you go for an interview, always think of a scenario that you know the interviewer for many years, and after these many years, you will meet him/her again. That will bring confidence in yourself, and you will be less stressed.
  • Confidence beats the right solution – Whenever someone raises questions to you, and you don’t know the answer for it. So think of the very first answer that comes in your mind and say it with full confidence; however, if it is wrong also.
    • The person with low confidence and the correct answer will fail in front of you because of your confidence, and people will believe more in your solution than the other person, here what mind psychology plays a role.
  • Stop daydreaming – the act of daydreaming is very fascinating to our mind. we want to dream all day and feel good only by thinking about that thing instead of doing, because doing that thing requires energy and that is much more difficult than as compared to daydreaming. so stop daydreaming and let’s start to achieve it…

Mind Psychology to understand others:-

  • Make others embarrass – Whenever someone is staring at you constantly for a while, to avoid them, you start staring at their shoes, and they will become very unconscious and uncomfortable.
  • Identify lies – The person who is an expert in telling lies is a master in identifying the lie of others too as per our mind psychology.
  • Let others praise you – Never praise yourself in front of others. Let them praise you for your achievements. That will be more suitable.
  • Love – if you love someone truly, then it becomes almost impossible to tell a lie in front of them.
if you love someone then telling a lie would become impossible thing.
  • Be a good listener – Mostly some people like to be around those people who are good listeners because people like to narrate their stories to others and want someone to listen to them. So be a good listener.
  • Make someone satisfied – While talking to someone, if you are not agreed/ satisfied with the person, then look straight into that person’s eyes constantly. Till you are not satisfied, that person will continue explaining that thing till the time you are not happy.
  • Kill someone with kindness – Whenever someone is fighting with you and abusing you, so instead of abusing back just handle the mater with kindness and speak politely and gently.
    • However, this sometimes appears to be difficult at that time but this will cause advantage to you only. Because as per the mind psychology when the other person will realize that the response of his/her abusive nature is so polite so he/she will automatically feel guilty and will be on your side.

To understand some more interesting facts about our mind psychology click here


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