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    How to learn English:

    Just like other languages , english language has its own beauty. English is the only language which has the largest number of speakers in the world. Its position is third in the list of native language speaking. Standard Chinese and Spanish bear first and second position in the list of population speaking. Learning and speaking […] More

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    How To Install Whatsapp

    Whatsapp was introduced in year 2009. It is a free chatting application over internet. It is owned by Facebook and Inc. Any user holding an Android or IOS mobile can install this application from Play store (in android) and from App store (in IOS). Whatsapp provide us various advantages like: Sending text messages Sending voice […] More

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    How to Enjoy Junk Food in Moderation

    Junk food includes cake, cookies, chips, candy, soda, doughnut. These are highly processed snacks that contain an abundance of calories in the form of fat and sugar, as they are high in calories yet low in nutrients. Eating junk food regularly has many adverse side effects like weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. If you […] More

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    How to understand Mind Psychology

    Mind Psychology facts about the brain are very interesting to explore. The brain is the most complicated thing because here, in every second, millions of new connections are made. Our brain never stops growing. With increasing experience, our brain also grows. When we think positively, our neurons expand, and creativity increases, but as much as […] More

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    How to deal with depression

    Depression is experience when the expectation and consecutive failures in life, that may be related with your loved ones, society, or carriers, pressure of the education system or death of loved ones, or any medical condition such as cancer lead to mental health problems. If those things that do not fulfill that we want, one […] More

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    How to Cook Easy and Delicious food

    Preparing easy and delicious food at home is good for your health and your wallet. If you have a busy schedule and want to eat something delicious and healthy, get some time from your busy schedule to cook quick and healthy delicious food at home. Ensure that you have stock of all the necessary ingredients, […] More

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    How to get rid of dandruff or dry scalp

    There are many people who suffer from dandruff problems. Dandruff is a commonly occurring condition of the scalp characterized by flaky skin. It has many causes, excessively dry or oily skin, inflamed skin (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis), fungal infection, overuse, or underuse of hair products like shampoo, hair spray, gel. It isn’t contagious and rarely leads […] More

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    How to prevent Hair loss Naturally

    One-third of the population suffers from excessive hair loss can be a troublesome problem, often causing worry and affecting self-esteem. Hair loss has multiple potential causes, including medications, diet, mineral deficiency, stress or illness, pollution, Genetics. You can control hair loss with specific treatments, home remedies, and avoid using hair damage chemicals. But there are […] More

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    How to Prevent Tuberculosis

    It may sound like a past disease, but Tuberculosis, or TB, is still real today. Tuberculosis is a potentially severe infectious bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs. Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). TB is spread from person to person through the air, or people with lung TB cough, sneeze or spit, they […] More

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