How to make Payment on Google Pay

  • As soon as you have linked your bank account to your application, you are ready to make payments.

To make payments to Shopkeepers:-

  • Click on the three dots from the top right corner.
  • There will be options displayed, out of which click on Code Scanner and scan the QR code of the shopkeeper.
  • The name of the shopkeeper with which they had registered on google pay will display. Confirm it with the shopkeeper.
  • Enter the amount to be paid, beneath your bank account will be displayed through which the payment will occur. Click on Proceed.
  • Now enter the UPI PIN, and your payment will be done.

To make payments to Phone number:-

  • Click on New, with a blue coloured icon.
  • There will be options displayed on the top with blue colour, out of which click on Phone Number.
  • There will be a popup displayed, asking for the phone number.
  • Click on Verify, which will display the name of the person.
  • Click on okay and you will be directed to the personal transaction section with that person.
  • At the bottom, there are displaying 3 options. Pay, Request, chatbox.
  • If you want to PAY, click on it and by entering your UPI PIN and amount of money to be paid. Make the transaction.
  • If you want to request many it’s kind of reminder to the person. So a message will be shown to the person, that you are requesting the money.
  • And the third one is chat. You can chat.

To make payments using Bank Transfer:-

  • Click on New icon with red colour.
  • Out of the options on the top in the blue colour icon, Click on Bank Transfer.
  • It will ask for the information like Recipient name, Recipient Account Number and IFSC code of the bank to which the money is being transferred.
  • You can also search for the IFSC by entering the Bank name, Branch name.
  • Click on Next. You will be directed to the transaction section.
  • Enter the amount, click on Proceed to pay.
  • Enter your UPI PIN.
  • And your transaction will be done.

To make payment Directly:-

  • When we make payments, at that time direct icons are made on the front screen.
  • Next time whenever we have to make payments to the same person, we can simply click on the icon of the person.
  • We will de directed to the chat section of the person.


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