How to control negative thought and emotions.

“Thoughts could be our worst friends” and “worst enemies.” Everyone has a negative voice inside their head; it’s called free will. You have to deal with the negative thoughts that ambush you all day and night, negative reviews are sneaky, and they appear in disguise; they show up as fear or anxiety. Just one little thought and your imagination are triggered. But you can change your thought process; taking control of your thoughts can make you less stressed, happier, and better equipped to solve problems or attain goals.

1. Taking control of your thoughts.

Stop and take a deep breathe: Stop your out of control thoughts for a while, and take several deep breaths to collect yourself before moving on, which allows you to address your ideas clearly and with a level head.
o Give yourself some distance from your negative thoughts and focus your mind on breathing for a moment or at least 90 seconds and making it easier to manage your thoughts.

• Put yourself in a comfortable environment: If you are in an environment where you feel uncomfortable or out of control, your thoughts will mirror those feelings. So put on an environment where you can relax.
o You can go out on your favorite spots, listen to music that can relax you, light a candle, try taking a walkout in nature like a park, beach, and calm your mind.

Divert your thoughts with another activity: Do something that you can do immediately and not allow you to sit around longer with your rouge thought.
o Watch a movie or any show that can distract you from your thoughts and make you happy. Go for a run, call your friends.
o Please make a note of the activities that help you relax and work on your weekly schedule.

2. Share your thoughts.

Talk to someone: Share your problems with good people, including friends, parents, professional therapists. Sharing your thoughts with someone maybe help you to clear your thoughts in a minute.

Address your thoughts: Sitting with your ideas and make a plan to write down your worries and examine the root of what caused this thought to appear.

o Once you make these plans, you need to follow through with them.
o You may need to lookup for self-help or professional therapy if you always feel out of control.

Observe your thoughts: Observe your thoughts without critiquing yourself for having them. Consider why you have such thoughts and what made you feel like you lost control of your brain.
o Taking an objective look at your thoughts will help you make sense of them without spawning negative thoughts.

3. Staying in control of your thoughts.

Do meditation: Meditation has been a vital tool that can help people relax and control their thoughts. Meditate daily at least for 5-10 minutes, especially the days when your thoughts are the most difficult to control. Meditation also leads to heart and body health.

Control your thoughts as they come: The human brain is capable of making imaginative leaps, recalling memories, finding insight at the moment notice. You will never control every review of it. Do not try to choose your thoughts if they arrive without any attachment or those you don’t Have.

Take a good night’s sleep: Take care of your brain by getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night and manage your stress level and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Trigger your difficult thoughts: Be aware of the things that make your thoughts in a negative direction and prepare yourself when they arrive. Do creative work, spend time with family or friends, read a good book, thought about things you love. These are the positive trigger that may help you to take away your negative thoughts from your mind.

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