How to eat healthy at fast food restaurant

It can be hard to maintain a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle. Many people have the only option to joint fast food for nutrition, which is typically loaded with saturated fat, calorie, and sodium. If you need to stop by a fast-food restaurant for a quick meal, there are some ways to make healthy choices or choose more nutritious and lower-calorie items at your favorite fast-food restaurants.

Choose Healthy Meal At Restaurant

• Go for a salad option: Salads are the better choice that may offer you some calories and extra nutrition.
o Choose fresh Vegetable salads that have low calories and high nutritional value.
o Choose salads with grilled protein, low-fat dressing, a lot of fresh vegetables like Garden chicken salads, southwest grilled chicken salad. Salad with high-calorie toppings and deep-frying things are not so good for your health.
Choose grilled items over fried: Choosing grilled food baked items over fried items is an easy way to make a fast food meal a bit healthier. Fried food is higher in calories and fat, and can also raise your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

o You can enjoy grilled food items at your favorite fast-food restaurant like grilled chicken and pineapple sandwich, grilled vegetables, grilled Caesar salad, Bacon burgers.

Order a lower-calorie dish: Go for a lower calorie meal option at a restaurant to keep your calorie moderate.
o Choose a small wrap with a piece of grilled chicken inside. It contains lower calories, about 300 calories.
o Order chicken nuggets, or grilled nuggets, which is low in calories and provide essential nutrients.
o Try going for a whole grain bread with a lower-carb, subways veggies sandwich. You can stick to a hamburger, which is cheap, convenient, and contain about 250 calories.
Build a better breakfast: Fast food restaurants offers a healthy breakfast in moderate calories.
o Sandwiches and wraps are a simple and healthy breakfast. Stick with an egg, cheese, and lean protein like bacon or sandwich with egg white.
o Go for oatmeal with brown sugar and few nuts or dried fruits. Oatmeal is the healthiest breakfast meal, which makes you feel full of energy.
o Eat yogurt with fruits, which provide protein and fibers.

Choose low calories beverages

Fast food restaurants offer various drinks with your meal, anything from sodas to coffees, smoothies. Some of these drinks are relatively high in calories that can put you over your limit.

o Water is always a great choice with no calories, or you can also try unsweetened beverages like black tea, diet sodas, unsweetened coffee.
o Avoid regular sodas, sweetened teas, milkshakes or chocolate shake, sweetened juice drinks. Choose unsweetened coffee and tea to satisfy your sweet cravings.
• Go for better desserts: Choose a dessert with a low calorie and fat if you are craving for something sweet after a meal.
o Enjoy a pre-portioned sweet treat like mini cookies or mini parfait, cake pops.
o Order cup ice cream instead of a cone and leave off the hot fudge. It’s a better lower-calorie choice for dessert.
o Choose milkshakes, and chocolate shakes, soft drinks in small serve with the least amount of calories.

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