How to learn English:

Just like other languages , english language has its own beauty. English is the only language which has the largest number of speakers in the world. Its position is third in the list of native language speaking.

Standard Chinese and Spanish bear first and second position in the list of population speaking.

  • Learning and speaking a language only require daily practice. No coaching institute or any tutorial can work, if you yourself are not practicing.

Some steps to learn english:-

  • No age limit Our age never limits us from learning, it all depends on our will-power and urge to gain knowledge. Always think that ‘ I Can Do This ‘. While growing old, we gain experience and the importance to learn a particular thing either becomes a determination or it fades away.
  • Think in English – It happens often that while speaking in English we first think in our native language and then convert it into English, meanwhile, it takes a lot of time. This makes us slow while communicating and leaves a bad impression. For some people, this is the only key for their fluent English speaking.
  • Vocabulary
    1. Initially, its good to know what we name things around us in English, this will improve our general vocabulary.
    2. Then memorise words related to emotions, personality etc which sums up to learning adjectives for the things around us. This will help to describe a situation.
  • Grammar – Many times people think that this portion is of no use in speaking English. But that’s not true. Grammar is important for both speaking and writing English. Vocabulary is not the only thing to be known while speaking. Because while speaking we use tenses, articles, helping verb, prepositions, adjectives and much more to convey ourselves and which requires grammar part the most. Talking about writing English, knowledge of grammar is really important. Although grammar sometimes feels boring to memorise its important to be known.
  • Writing about topics – While learning English, its an advice that as much as you are giving time for speaking English.That much is equally needed for writing English also.
    1. Start with describing your daily routine.
    2. Then write about your goals, your feelings, things happening around you.
    3. After that start picking topics of your interest like – politics, Hollywood, Bollywood, sports, fashion, travel.
    4. Try for essay, letter, speeches, notes, e-mail.
  • Watching Movies – Some people really like watching movies, if this is so then why not to convert this habit for better use. Try watching movies in the English language with subtitles. Because in movies general talking English is used and for initials, we need that the most to boost our confidence. Try to focus on the words, the sentences, the way of conveying them. Start with cartoon movies, animated because they will bring interest. Then move forward to comedy, romance, fictional, science-fiction movies. Initially don’t go for documentaries.
  • Reading Novels – This will improve vocabulary and exact sentence formation while writing. In novels exact descriptions of a situation, a person is given which can be easily imagined. So reading novels or newspapers will also help. Try with comic books, fictional stories.
  • Reading newspaper – Newspaper reading will give you the current information and knowledge about the tenses, the vocabulary used, describing the current situation, predicting the future happening. So all this can be analysed.
  • Talking to yourself in front of a mirror – This is actually a trick to know yourself while speaking, this will tell you your postures, confidence, way of conveying. The most amazing thing about this trick is that no one is judging you, you are the only one who is judging yourself. So you can only point out your mistakes on your own. Talking to yourself for at least 15 minutes daily will definitely going to improve your communication.

So try all these steps daily and definitely you are going to rock with confidence.


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